Elianna was born at 36 weeks weighing 4lbs, 11oz.  Minutes later she was connected to half a dozen machines and receiving medicine through a ventilator desperately trying to save her life as she was unable to breathe with her underdeveloped lungs.  Though she had made it to the minimum length of gestation her development was delayed, and she only measured at 30 weeks of maturity.  Yet, only days later it took 4 nurses and 1 doctor to hold her down while they adjusted the tube used to drain the excess fluids from around her lungs.  Even at only 4lbs, she proved to be a very tough little fighter, and has been fighting ever since.

Before she was 2 years old, Elianna was being tested for a number of terrifying diseases.  At 3 years old she fought with doctors and nurses testing the nerves and reflexes in her legs, crying "I walk in Jesus' Name!  I walk in Jesus' Name"

Finally, at around 5 years old she started to develop reflexes, and the MDA had her fitted for a full body suit that fit her snugly enough to enable her nervous system to be able to better sense her own body.  Not long after that she got her first walker, and was able to walk around her kindergarten classroom with the rest of the kids, though her parents were constantly trying to stop her from riding on the back of it down the driveway.
At about the same time, Eli started riding horses and was hooked for life.  Even now at 13 she can't get enough of riding, and looks forward the whole week toward Wednesday evenings when she gets an hour to ride for physical therapy.  

Her condition is called Cerebellar Ataxia and though it means she has tremors throughout her entire body, she refuses to let it stop her.  During fifth grade she achieved enough physical strength and stability to discontinue using her walker.  

Last year she was blessed to be able to attend Bachman Academy, however this year she attends Ocoee Middle School and has made more friends than ever before.  

Education4Eli raised financial support in February of 2016 for Elianna's education and continues to support her with prayer and love.

​Thank you to all who gave to help her!